Terms of Business

How we work

We offer an honest and direct service to our clients through our genuine passion and expert knowledge of the veterinary industry. Using an in-depth method of sourcing candidates, we are able to truly understand both our client’s and candidates’ needs and as a result source high calibre candidates, resulting in a high success rate at the offer stage.

When you combine that with our drive to be a reliable and competitive agency, we offer the complete package.

What sets us apart?

We have established a significant connection with our diverse range of clients across the world, offering a distinct perspective on how to recruit in the veterinary market.

Collaborating with clients across the United Kingdom, United States, and various other global regions provides us with invaluable insights into the unique nuances of the veterinary industry in each locale. This, in turn, allows us to take the best parts when working with our clients and veterinary professionals to offer the very best, tailored service an agency can provide.

Fees and Services for our clients

We place a significant emphasis on our distinctive approach. Unlike the majority of other agencies, we DO NOT require any upfront costs or retainers. You are only charged when you choose to hire a candidate we’ve presented.

For example we could submit 100 resumes to you and arrange interviews for all 100 candidates, if none of them were right, you would not have to pay a cent.

Another key aspect we’d like to highlight is our commitment to promoting your job opportunity. We advertise your role on our company website, across all major social media platforms, and our state-wide job listings, all at no extra cost to you. This expansive exposure is designed to generate increased interest in your position.

Summary of Costs

  • Charge option 1 = We charge 15 % of the first years base salary plus any sign on bonus offered (one off fee)
  • Charge option 2 = We charge 20% of the first years base salary only (one off fee)
  • We offer 100% of your money back if a candidate leaves within 3 months/90 days from their first day.
  • Our terms are NOT a contract, it is an agreement between our business and yours. This outlines our fees and refund policy (Ts & Cs) Cancel or Pause anytime
  • You are free to work with other agencies and advertise yourself
  • We do not charge for submitting candidates or arranging interviews. You only pay when you hire one of our candidates
  • All candidates are checked for legal eligibility to work in your state before submission.